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Mouse RollOver
Image Problems

Movie Thumbnail - Click to play movie Please watch this movie for an
explanation of what to do

Flash Movie Into: JavaScript Rollovers

Note Version 7 and above replaces this coding
with a simple click of the button.

(addtional information for Mac OS X users at the bottom of this page.
Note, all new users should still watch the MOVIE above.)

STEP #1:

Open up the swap.js file in Dreamweaver or HomeSite or NotePad.

First thing you should do is comment out the lines that cause that popup window.

BEFORE swap.js file has been commented out

AFTER: swap.js file has been commented out

Notice how the commented out lines change color, from black to gray.

The actual line that causes popup messages in JavaScript is the following line.

alert( whatever you want here );

// alert( whatever you want here );

Even though it's a code line, TWO SLASHES // in JavaScript will comment out that line causing your browser to IGNORE that line. It's a little convenient trick to try different pieces of code without having to copy and paste things as all you have to do is delete or add the two slashes //.

STEP #2:

If the rollover images of your website do not change or show missing images when
you roll your mouse over them, it's most likely that the swap.js file has not been
properly updated with your website's path settings and your directory location on
your hard drive.

For example, the file, swap.js, located in the directory:


should be changed as shown below

Update Image FIle Names in swap.js

STEP #2a:

Because of the way the swap.js folder works, you SHOULD put your images inside the TopNav sub folder
just like you see in the demos.
The swap.js file uses the JavaScript split function to count the number of
slashes after the main URL path variable. Thus if you have one less folder in your path, the count is incorrect
and it will ask the browser to look for your images in a directory too high or too low.

THUS. your images should be in a path that looks like

STEP #3:

Update URL Path and Windows Path Name

Microsoft Windows Path Name

STEP #4 - Optional:

Sometime the web hosting service that you are using has case-sensitive file names. Thus, every image and also every web page, template and library item must be EXACTLY correct.

For example, the image file name


is NOT the same as :


If you look closely between the two file name above, the only difference is that
the letter "H" is capitalized in one but not the other. This make a big difference,
especially in web hosts that enable case-sensitivity for their file names.

If you still keep getting error messages or you still have problems after making changes
to the code, You should also empty the browser cache as browser can many times
cache the swap.js file

STEP #7 - Macintosh OS X Users
a. Please make sure you have
   Personal Web Sharing on your Macintosh TURNED ON

    For more info, please see,

b. If you still keep getting error messages or you still have problems after making changes to the code,
You should also empty the browser cache as browser can many times cache the swap.js file.

c. Below is the a typical PATH on the MacIntosh for the variable:

Macintosh PATH settings

Also, depending upon where you saved your files and what your system configuration is,
you will have to put the the word, "localhost" into your path for internal Web Host.

For example:

var TopNavImages_Folder_InternalHost =

Macintosh OSX Personal Web Sharing Page
Macintosh Personal Web Sharing

c. IF, and ONLY IF, you do NOT have Personal Web Sharing TURNED ON, you should also comment out the 2nd and 3rd IF-THEN validation statements.

MacIntosh Users Notes

Furthermore, if you experience this problem, you should do an Update Site and re-upload all you files back on to your web server.

 Step 3. OPTIONAL    Add a <script> tag pointing to the swap.js file in your SUPER template.
                 Finally,      Modify --> Templates --> Update Pages...
NOTE: Please see the Menu Hot Sauce JavaScript Rollover demo templates which
already have this script tag.

The  <script> tag is inside the <head> tag which is at the top of the template file.

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