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2. Common Error Messages
3. Useful Upgrade Tips
4. URL Path Confusion
5. Setting Keyboard
6. Sending Error Messages
7. Find And Replace Tips
8. RollOver Problems
9. Layout vs Standard View
10. Site Definitions
11. Editing Vertical
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12. Recreate Site List
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14. Web Page Width
15. Designing for
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16. Adjusting Tree
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17. Set Focus On
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18. Rename Folder
19. Dynamic Page
20. No Valid
      Editable Region
21. No Super
22. Initialize Folder
23. Initialize Combo Tree
24. Tree Line
25. UnBalanced
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26. Foreign Language
      & Special Characters
27. Adjust Row Menu Height of
      Vertical Tree Menu Items

foreign languages / special characters
  1. If you want to use special HTML characters to display the character of foreign languages, you can use the HTML character entities.
  2. THERE ARE THREE (3) things that you need to remember when using special characters:
    1. The actual directory path and names of your folders should be all Latin, english; THUS the LINK should be Latin English as that is what will be displayed in the Address Bar. This is also a good thing as then "spoofing" and fraudulent URL can easily be detected.

    2. The TEXT DISPLAYED for the Link, that is the stuff INSIDE the <a>stuff that you want displayed</a>, can have HTML Character Entities to display, for example, the German character sets, use &Ouml; instead of the O with two little dots over it,Ö

    3. When changing the text of the menu item using the Menu Hot Sauce Helper, you need to change the text of your menu item, PLUS, under the Menu Key I.D., you have to remove the ampersands &, semi-colons ; and pound signs # so that you won't get errors as Menu Key I.D. is usually automatically generated based upon the text, or folder name.

    4. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are using an original "base" language (i.e., the main language of the company) to create the other languages of the multi-lingual site, you can also "uncheck" the AutoSync Menu Key ID with Menu Text checkbox. By having the same Menu Key ID for all foreign languages websites, you can use the Menu Key ID as a cross-reference to the base language of the main website. Using the same Menu Key ID for all foreign language sites is an option and not required. Your choice can be based upon how your language translators and site developers prefer to work with the website.

    Special HTML Character Sets and Codes
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