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dreamweaver and coldfusion
  current dreamweaver products
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template and menu hot sauce
- menu and website system
Tools and Utilities (ie. plug-in software) for Dreamweaver that creates and
maintains your web site's navigational menus. Can be used with ASP 3.0 ,
ASP.NET, ColdFusion, JSP, Perl, Python, and PHP websites.

Compatible with both the Windows and Macintosh versions of
Dreamweaver MX and MX 2004 - click here for more info

  future dreamweaver products
dreamweaver template and library Item comment remover tool
(server side ONLY - single click)

Removes all Dreamweaver Template and Library Comments for
an entire website (folders and any sub-folders) with a single (1) click.
Automatically makes backups before removing comments.
Shows a lists of all files that had their comments removed.

NOTE: You should still use the
Modify-> Templates - Export Without Markup

This tool is for very special cases where users want to wipe out
even the library comments and want to do this server-side via .NET.
You also don't want to have dual copies of projects just to upload
your files as all you have to do is simply click a button on a
web page (bookmarked) to make this happen.


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