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8. RollOver Problems
9. Layout vs Standard View
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12. Recreate Site List
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      Search Engines
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      Menu Margins
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18. Rename Folder
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      Editable Region
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22. Initialize Folder
23. Initialize Combo Tree
24. Tree Line
25. UnBalanced
      Editable Regions
26. Foreign Language
      & Special Characters
27. Adjust Row Menu Height of
      Vertical Tree Menu Items

initializing the combo tree
  1. Make sure you have a base tree region, (that is an editable region) defined in the SUPER template. You can do this via using the Site Files Right Click Menu and choosing the menu item:

          Open the Super Template for this Website
    Picture of the Open the Super Template for this Website right click menu

  2. Click in the area of the SUPER template where you want the Combo Tree menu to be.
    NOTE: Because this is a Combo Tree menu and some page will not want or need a a tree menu. the are that this region can be in is a table cell that if fully collapsable. Please see the Corporate_BASIC demo website's SUPER template for an example of how this is done.

    IMPORTANT: if you planning to split the table cell that contains the main Body Text region into two (2) cell, make sure this table you are planning to split in two is a nested table and is independent from the topnav or subnav editable regions or for that matter the footer as well.

    For example, If you spit a cell in a multi-row table for only a single row while the other rows have the same columns, you will have an alignment and width problem because browsers do not know where in relation to the other row cell to be positioned


    Tree_Menu_00 Body Text  
    Tree_Menu_00 Body Text  
    BAD     GOOD

    Try to split table cells only a single row tables when working with a tree menu to avoid large web page width and positioning problems. If you have to create a nested table to accomplish this, then do so.

  3. Goto the Insert Bar and click on the tab, Menu Hot Sauce.
    Press the iR button to insert the Base Tree Region into the current document's cursor location

  4. Update All Pages....
  5. Under the Site File Right Click Menu, execute the 2 commands:

    COMMAND 1: Combo Tree: Step 1 of 2 - Initialize folder for Tree Menu
    COMMAND 2: Combo Tree: Step 2 of 2 - Create root files

  6. Update All Pages...
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