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27. Adjust Row Menu Height of
      Vertical Tree Menu Items

    how to adjust the margins and guide lines of the tree menu  
0.   Adjust margin of Tree Menu Items  
1.   Demo: Omega Xtree
File Name: VLines_01.png
Folder: images

You can adjust the slice area for these horizontal and vertical lines so that there is more white space vertically and/or horizontally. This will create exactly the amount of white space you desire as well as position your menu item relative to the menu as well as to any horizontal guide lines or icons.

If you have menu items that are spread over 2 lines, that is, a multiple line text menu item, you can create additional images to account for those types of menu items and their associated margins.

You can also adjust the width of the horizontal line itself as well as the thickness and color
You should create new copies and names to reflect this new image and also add these to new library items. That way, you can simply change a single library item to make a change.

    Close Up of New Horizontal Line with more margin at the bottom for a tree menu  
    1. Make a copy of the horizonal line and the slice.

2. Click the Sub-Selection and pick the point node to separately adjust the new slice to have more space at the bottom.

3. Give the new slice a name in the layer panel and then export images.

4. It's recommended you place your image such as these in a library item because you will end up using many of these same images for a tree menu. By doing it this way, you can easily make a change in the library item and your entire website can be updated in a single click.

5. NOTE: When you make a new library item to contain this image, watch out for Dreamweaver adding an unnecessary meta tag up top. Also, you should NOT have any blank spaces or carriage returns either.
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