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  tables versus full css integration (as opposed to partial integration)
tables versus full css integration
(i.e. replacing each and every single <table> tags with <div> tags and CSS positioning)

  making firework buttons
tips and tricks on making buttons using macromedia fireworks
tutorial on semi-automated creation and editing of buttons using Fireworks

  beginner's guide to reading C#
curly brace corner
this tutorial aims to shed some light on how to visually read C# as many people find C# very hard to read

note: Some of the comments may not be accurate. Please do send in corrections if you find any. This is a work in progress.

  programming links
programming links
links to programmer and developer portals
cpu help
links for building cpu
explanation of the matrix paradox
How do you know if the world around you really is the world around you? In other words, "How do you know if you are not in the same fake world like that discribed in the movie, The Matrix, inspired by Larry and Andy Wachowski?"

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