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1. Support Home
2. Common Error Messages
3. Useful Upgrade Tips
4. URL Path Confusion
5. Setting Keyboard
6. Sending Error Messages
7. Find And Replace Tips
8. RollOver Problems
9. Layout vs Standard View
10. Site Definitions
11. Editing Vertical
      Tree Menus
12. Recreate Site List
13. Update Site...
14. Web Page Width
15. Designing for
      Search Engines
16. Adjusting Tree
      Menu Margins
17. Set Focus On
      Text Box
18. Rename Folder
19. Dynamic Page
20. No Valid
      Editable Region
21. No Super
22. Initialize Folder
23. Initialize Combo Tree
24. Tree Line
25. UnBalanced
      Editable Regions
26. Foreign Language
      & Special Characters
27. Adjust Row Menu Height of
      Vertical Tree Menu Items

adjust row height of menu items (in vertical tree menus)
  1. To adjust the row height of menu items in any vertical tree menu; you can change the css file


  2. Then in the file above, look for the tag that ends in '_TBL'. The last three characters are all in UPPER case and you can search on this as well using a Case Sensitive search.
  3. There are 5 places where the row height is set, one for each level of the tree. Hence you can, if you wish, have a different row height for each menu level of a tree. But generally, it's best to keep it the same.

    adjust row height of menu items in vertical tree menu

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