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    Dynamic Page  

Overview: You encounted and error

OK, we are almost there, however, I wasn't able to update the InstanceParam so that page will call the method, dynamicPageOnStateMenuItem() that is located in the JavaScript file, swapJs_DynamicPage.js, that was copied in the same folder as your dynamic page.

You will need to manually change the Template Parameter for the dynamic page via

  1. Open the Dynamic Page in question.

  2. Goto Modify --> Template Properties

  3. Change OR Add to the Parameter, onLoadEventAddendum, the following value: dynamicPageOnStateMenuItem();

  4. note: include the semi-colon

  5. If you have other JavaScript calls, like wanting to set the focus of the cursor, simply add the additional code next to it.

For example:
  • dynamicPageOnStateMenuItem();document.myForm.mySearchTextBox.focus();

  • OR

  • dynamicPageOnStateMenuItem();document.myForm.myLoginID.focus();
What this will do is add the same information above to the BODY tag's onLoad event.

NOTE: because you got this message means you either didn't let the template parameter,
onLoadEventAddendum pass through, OR onLoadEventAddendum doesn't exist in the SUPER template in the first place; which means you will have to place that snippert of code there manually, which is really simple to do anyway.

So just follow the steps above and if you have any questions or problems, please do contact customer support.

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