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Template and Menu Hot Sauce
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Flash Movie - Inside the Kitchen Technology of Menu Hot Sauce
Version 7
NOTE: If site doesn't update your changes like adding a graphic, try, Menu Hot Sauce --> Recreate Site Cache and then Update Pages...
 #  Movie Name Description Approximate
Running Time
File Size
SOME MOVIES BELOW may NOT be in sync with the
latest version of this software.
i.e. The Toolbar and Menus are going to be different places
or completely eliminated.

Some tabs have become popup windows And some tabs have been added, and other tabs have either been eliminated or moved around.

So this will be a little confusing to say the least, as the movies have not been able to keep pace with the updates to the software.

Sorry for the confusion and inconvenience.

1 Tutorial Part I
(with sound)

Intro Tutorial - Menus and Tools

16 min 6 sec 15.6 MB
2 Tutorial Part II
(with sound)

“Time Saving” Features - CSS, Switcheroo Tool

12 min 10sec 12.2 MB
    Update Pages - Is the listbox set correctly?    
1 Features Overview
NOTE: FF3 problems-freezes up.
Use IE7 for this movie please
Overview of Features -
NOTE: You must temporarily disable your popup blocker to
see these Flash movies
6 Min 15 sec 6.1 MB
2 Brief Product Intro
(with sound)

Create a full working web site in minutes!

1 min 49 sec 1.25 MB
3 Make Menu for
a Dynamic Page

(with sound)

a. Make dynamic page menu via query strings b. How to add a admininstrator button that only displays for certain users via server side code

5 min 41 sec 3.48 MB
4 Making Parts of
the Menu pull
from a database

Most parts of any menu system are static, but some are dynamic.
a. Adding special Admin buttons that appear only when certain people login.
b. Adding a list of menu items that pull from a database

Simply insert your server-side code where you want the
dynamic menu items to appear. Thus, instead of putting the
server side code in the body of the page to display a
table of data as one typically does, you insert, at the menu location of your desire, the server-side code just for the dynamic parts of the menu. Thus, the static and dynamic menu items can display side-by-side.

Additionally, the performance loss will minimal as that specific section of the dynamic menu needs to hit the database and on only on those pages it should display on. By doing it this way, it will not lowering the performance of other pages that don't use the dynamic menu.

coming soon  
5 Change Logo for
Entire Website
Change the logo for the entire website
2 min 32 sec 2.15 MB
6 Make 2nd Level of
Tree Menu

(with sound)

Make the 2nd Level of the tree of combo menu; and change the logo back to something typical

4 min 25 sec 3.94 MB
7 How to add custom graphics
to your starter templates
How to add custom graphics to your starter templates    
8 What exactly can go in an
Editable Region and
What shouldn't go in an
editable region
A: Editable regions should only contain things that change. For example: original content like body text. Or the menu bar or buttons.
10 Change Main Tree
Menu's Vertical
Divider Line Color
Changing the Tree Menu's Main divider line to the color BLACK. (Note: The tree menu divider line is a long vertical line separating the main tree menu and the Body Text area.)

7 min 6 sec 5.14 MB
11 Understanding
Template Parameters
via Analogies to Cars,
Corporate Policy &
Graphics Programs
Understanding Template Parameters via Analogies
a. Analogy to Car Driving Laws to Template
b. Analogy to Corporate Policy
c. Analogy to Graphics Programs e.g. Photoshop,
    Fireworks, Illustrator
8 min 5 sec 3.58 MB
12 Making the SubNav
area look nicer
Re-aligning the SubNav area to the Topnav area. Showing how the Subnav collapses when there is no subnavigation for that section 5 min 1 sec 2.95 MB
13 Adding Section
Specific Headers
Add different headers to each section of a website. e.g. a different header for each product line, or a separater header for support, products, services, etc. coming soon  
14 Adding a one page banner
to home page of each
section of website
Adding a one page banner or picture to the "home" page for each section. (This is like the 1st page of each chapter in a book) coming soon  
15 Customzing the Tree
Menu Lines
FYI: the tree lines are controlled by the Library Items that are located in the folder: Library.

Just look for the library item that matches the one you chose in the Menu Hot Sauce Helper

This stylesheet controls the background image
see description  
16 Customizing the colors
and fonts via css
FYI: these are controlled by the style sheets:
see description  
17 Do include files ALWAYS
produce consistent
web pages? Not Always.
Do include files ALWAYS produce consistent web pages?
Not's why and how this happens and why templates are hands down better than include files
coming soon  
18 Converting Webpages
from other websites
or HTML Editors

Convert a webpages made from other Web Editors like:
  • Microsoft FrontPage
  • Adobe GoLive
  • Macromedia Dreamweaver 3 and 4
  • Microsoft VisualStudio.NET
  • Hot Metal Pro
  • Hot Dog
  • Coffee Cup HTML Editor
  • any valid html page
The operation typically is done via two (2) mouse clicks and has a high degree of accuracy in the conversion process:body text, meta tags, CSS styles, JavaScript scripts, outside code are all imported over. Automatic backup of the original for just in case situations.
6 min 9 sec 3.98 MB
19 Fast Update Pages
Shortcut Trick.
Open the parent folder's template. Make a change in the Body Text so the page will have an asterik in the Title Bar. Hit Save. Update Pages.

NOTE: If you have initialized any folders or added any pages, YOU must Re-Create the Site Cache so that Dreamweaver will know about those new files and templates you created.
By doing it this way, you don't have to always update the entire site, just only the section(s) you are currently making changes to.
coming soon  
50 Context versus
Drop Down Menus

(with sound)

Comparison of Drop Down versus Context Sensitive Menus

NOTE: You must temporarily disable your popup blocker to see these Flash movies

2 min 43 sec 2.25 MB

Version 5
NOTE: these movies will be unncessary and superceded by Version 7
 #  Movie Name Description Approximate
Running Time
File Size
1 Full Product
version 5 only

Full Product Introduction with AUDIO
(Version 5 ONLY. Note: Version 7 is very different)

n/a 18.0 MB
2 Evaluation Walk Through
version 5 ONLY

Walkthrough for those who have download the evaluation version 5 which is currently NO longer available and replaced with version 7)

n/a 38.2 MB
NOTE: Below are older movies that do NOT have any sound
3 Editing a Menu Item
version 5 only

Adding a menu item to the decloak website

1 min. 01 sec. 797 Kb
4 Real_Business_Problem
version 5 only

Adding a menu item to Alpha website
(older movie)

1 min. 50 sec. 679 Kb
5 Changing_the_Logo
version 5 only

Changing the logo to a website

3 min. 50 sec. 1.8 MB

Background, Terminology, and Architecture
(no sound)

note: because Version 7 has many point and click tools, this knowledge is nice know, but not need to know
 #  Movie Name Description Approximate
Running Time
File Size
1 What_are_Nested_
What are nested templates? And what are its advantages over other menu systems?
NOTE: nested templates is
the foundation to this product

2 min. 50 sec. 289 Kb
2 Nested_Template
More important advantages to nested templates

1 min. 4sec. 159 Kb
3 Context_Sensitivity:
ON and OFF buttons

What is context sensitivity? ON and OFF States to Buttons

1 min. 18 sec. 291 Kb
4 Server_Side
Is your product server-side compatible?

1 min. 24 sec. 254 Kb
more flash movies:
tips and tricks on making firework buttons and exporting with one click (movie has full audio)
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