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The web site's menu system consisted of at least 250+ pages and probably is growing as
we speak. It uses a combo menu with context sensitive breadcrumbs and focused breadcrumbs for the tree menus. There are at least 3 totally separate tree menus for each product line.

The web site is like a book, with consistent headers for each section and an intro web graphic for each section of the site. Additionally, the home page is also different.
Another point is that a nested templates is used to control all aspects of the site thereby making maintenance a snap. A single change can affect all pages or only some pages.

The performance of the menu system should be taken into account as the menu system
causes no performance decrease for such a large site. If you look at competing menu systems they either don't show a large menu's system in action. Or they do mention it, like OpenCube, and say something like, "optimized for performance". This means there is a decrease in performance that is a common disadvantage to all drop down menu systems.
       Keaty Patent Firm
I was testing the NestedT Tree web site on a Suse Linux OS with a different screen resolution. I checked it on IE, Mozilla, Mozilla FireBird, Mozilla FireFox and Netscape. Different browsers didn't seem to pose a problem on any OS I had (RedHat Linux, Suse Linux, XP PRO, XP Home) using different screen resolutions. It seems to work as advertised.
- Charlie Sandner
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