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css versus tables
 css vs tables: round I. 
    1. benefits to css
    2. is full css faster
    3. Return on
    4. Long Run
    5. w3c standards
are useless
    6. structure
and content
 css vs tables round II. 
    7. point:
        tables are for
       tabular data...

     counter point:
       yes, but tables
       make up

    8. Hey Stupid
    9. Bandwidth Savings
    10. accessibility and
     $4000 wheelchair
    11. Spend Time
    12. Captured
CSS Flagship
    13. Selling your
    14. May work well
    15. Standards
Merry Go Round
    16. Extremists
    "When the underlying structure is sound, and when CSS delivers your layout, your site may work as well in a Palm Pilot, screen reader, or web-enabled phone as it does in traditional browsers." - Jeffrey Zeldman (author of the best-selling Designing With Web Standards (

  1. The key phrase here is "...may work well...". Well, last time I checked, Zeldman's book has a whole chapter that says CSS doesn't work well between all browsers, especially the size of text and fonts. So, if CSS can't even get font sizes right on browsers like IE, Mozilla or Netscape, just how in the world will CSS get it right for a 2inch x 3inch Palm Pilot?

    Furthermore, different devices have totally different uses (and users) than browsers do, and so the content is going to be different anyway. There is no "porting" it here. It's just going to be a total redesign and page reduction as there is only so much stuff (text or content) you display on a 2" x 3" screen anyway.

    In other words, you don't save a bit of time using CSS tables to port a real live production web page to a Palm Pilot as it's a complete redesign anyway. Users are going to be navigating differently and doing different things in the first place. For instance, when was the last time you bought something on a Palm Pilot or did 2 hours of product research on your Palm Pilot while sitting at Starbucks? Sony has been making 2inch x 3inch TV's for over 15 years, but do you want to sit 3+ hours squinting our eyes to watch the Lord of the Rings?

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