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css versus tables
 css vs tables: round I. 
    1. benefits to css
    2. is full css faster
    3. Return on
    4. Long Run
    5. w3c standards
are useless
    6. structure
and content
 css vs tables round II. 
    7. point:
        tables are for
       tabular data...

     counter point:
       yes, but tables
       make up

    8. Hey Stupid
    9. Bandwidth Savings
    10. accessibility and
     $4000 wheelchair
    11. Spend Time
    12. Captured
CSS Flagship
    13. Selling your
    14. May work well
    15. Standards
Merry Go Round
    16. Extremists

    You are only trying to sell your product,
    Template and Menu Hot Sauce

  1. Well, if you know anything about templates, you will know that you can use BOTH <table> tags or <div> tags. Well, it's the same for nested templates. In other words, if you wanted to yank out the <table> tags and replace them with <div> tags, you still can use nested templates and it will still work on a CSS-P website. There is no rule or technical reason that says you can't use <div> tags in templates or nested templates or library items.

  2. Second, there are TOO MANY HACKS and workarounds needed just to display a simple web page and having things line up correctly. And forget going for cross-browsers. That's a nightmare.

  3. Also, if you notice these sets of pages have flush lines. AND also the lines change color and thickness depending upon which menu is chosen. AND the lines stretch VERTICALLY while still be flush without any hacks. And it also works cross-browser as well. AND it also re-sizes according to the user text size settings.

flush lines that auto stretch vertically and horizontally
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