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css versus tables
 css vs tables: round I. 
    1. benefits to css
    2. is full css faster
    3. Return on
    4. Long Run
    5. w3c standards
are useless
    6. structure
and content
 css vs tables round II. 
    7. point:
        tables are for
       tabular data...

     counter point:
       yes, but tables
       make up

    8. Hey Stupid
    9. Bandwidth Savings
    10. accessibility and
     $4000 wheelchair
    11. Spend Time
    12. Captured
CSS Flagship
    13. Selling your
    14. May work well
    15. Standards
Merry Go Round
    16. Extremists
    CSS is just another tool, you just have to spend time learning it and you can then appreciate it.
  1. Well, it's one thing to learn this new tool CSS-P and
    It's another thing to use this new tool, CSS, to make your breakfast, fix your car, and say that it's really better than using <table> tags and you should replace every single one of those <table> tags with <div> and CSS-P.

    What about learning new math tools? High school math teaches synthetic division. But is this used in the real world?

    Furthermore, in reference to learning new tools, there is a lot of stuff you can learn in college by famous professors, yet, does every single lesson help in real life? No.

    So the argument on "learning a new tool" is just CSS extremism and elitism.

    Lastly, this site uses CSS style sheets. but does it go overboard and fanatical like these CSS elitist do. .No.

    Full CSS Site tend to be very "BOXY" look'n and sharp edges ....translation: "No rounded corners". This is because it get tedious to place the rounded corners and match them up to the outer box Just look at the sites,, the same clash box-like style. Don't get me wrong, they look good. But you can see the box-like look. as they only like to use one box. stuff with rounded corners are more easily done with tables as the middle stuff is just a background color to save image bandwidth.

    There are some sites that challenge this BOXY Look'n point that's made here, but even they say that their so called simple solution has disadvantages in that it can only be used with a solid color background. Just look at their article, it sounds like an experiment, try-after-try, workaround-after-workaround for the browser incompatibilities.

    Here are some more attempts:
    Creating Custom Corners and Borders Part I
    Creating Custom Corners and Borders Part II

       (pay close attention to the Discussion of these articles: like this one )

    Full CSS Sites are mainly a Web Designer's Personal Site (or Blog Site) and typically
    have a layout so basic that even a novice web designer could have easily design
    Ever notice that the ones that preach CSS-P are tiny websites that are blogs or some web designers web site? These sites typically have a simple horizontal navigation up top with a nice wide graphic and big buttons. And then maybe a side left navigation and ONE BIG section in the middle. Simple, which is good, but not enough to justify using CSS-P over tables especially when it so basic to begin with. The graphics and colors are good, but layout wise, no reason to justify the extra time to use CSS-P.

    It also seems that blog web sites do the most talking yet have very little layout design complexity to begin with and not to mention actual "customers". (probably cause they spend more time blogging than actually working with real customers) Hence, these sites don't even use CSS-P and don't even realize the many hacks required when you run a real commercial site for some company that's doesn't design web pages for a living.

    The 3-Column Layout, the HOLY GRAIL of CSS
    Google for "3 column layout, the holy grail:" and see what you get.
    Well, you get site after site of how you can ATTAIN this HOLY GRAIL. That's right. While using tables for 3 columns layouts is as easy as pulling the paper cup out the dispenser at the convenience store, using CSS-P would very similar to searching for the HOLY GRAIL. That's right, CSS-P elitists and zealots are still trying to find the Holy Grail!!

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