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css versus tables
 css vs tables: round I. 
    1. benefits to css
    2. is full css faster
    3. Return on
    4. Long Run
    5. w3c standards
are useless
    6. structure
and content
 css vs tables round II. 
    7. point:
        tables are for
       tabular data...

     counter point:
       yes, but tables
       make up

    8. Hey Stupid
    9. Bandwidth Savings
    10. accessibility and
     $4000 wheelchair
    11. Spend Time
    12. Captured
CSS Flagship
    13. Selling your
    14. May work well
    15. Standards
Merry Go Round
    16. Extremists
    Billable Hours Invoices

    with a CSS ONLY site in the LONG RUN

  1. FALSE. That's not true whatsoever. With templates used in most of the major web design tools, it makes not a second of difference in billable hours.
    One should ask,

    QUESTION of the DAY:
    "If a fully integrated CSS website (that replaces all <table> tags with <div> tags and CSS) is easier to maintain, WHY do these same people charge the same number of hours to build and maintain a website?"
    So to prove that this redesign advantage is a myth all you need to do is look at their billing hours and then compare that number of hours to that of a re-designed website done with tables. As a side point, these CSS purists are still in the design stage trying to figure out the


    for all their <div> tags while those designing with tables are now in production.

    But I don't want to change THREE HUNDRED (300) tags just to make a simple change to a web site. With CSS, I make a single change and BAM!! the entire site changes!!
  2. Hmmm, ever heard of templates? It's that thing that made Dreamweaver the tool of choice for web designers and developers all over the world years ago. It's the same for Microsoft Frontpage, Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Go Live, Microsoft VisualStudio.NET, IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic, etc

    It's also the same thing in Microsoft WORD for mail merges that are used in sending out the same letter but with different addresses.

    How do you think you get all that junk mail sent to you with your first name in the salutation and your address as if it was personally sent to you? Answer: Templates.

    It's a basic homework assignment to make a template for mail merge letters for all computer science undergrads in their 1st year computer science class 101, (or anyone taking their 1st computer course for that matter.)

    Obviously, since CSS elitist don't know this, they are probably are up in arms as they don't want to admit that CSS isn't the only answer to solving a problem.

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