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Fireworks Button Factory
- semi-automated creation, editing, and exporting
Tutorial, Tips and Tricks for semi-automated button creation, editing, and exporting using Macromedia's Fireworks graphics program.

All of the Fireworks books that are out there, have never talked about these time saving tips and tricks. While a lot of experts take these tips and tricks for granted and assume that you know them, we are going to show you some tips on working with groups of buttons for navigation bars.
# Name Description
#1 - Firework Buttons Tutorials
Note: you might have to set the export settings.
Then exit the program and then start back up
Fireworks to get it to accept the new default settings.
Button Maintenance wth full audio and video to show you exactly what to do
How to automatically create and export a group of buttons using FIREWORKS with the correct set of file names that you personally set.

NOTE: The custom export feature is at the end of the movie because that's the last step in the process in making buttons.

(NOTE: You can use the "NEXT button" to skip to the next slide if you want to get a quick overview)

Ok, part of the problem is making all of these buttons. If you have Fireworks, it will only take a couple of clicks and it's done.

Plus you get the full range and editing capabilities of a Graphic and Image Editor.

This means you can change the fonts to all the buttons at once. That also means both, UP and DOWN button states.
You can change the color, the background, add a image to a single button and keep the other text, resize the buttons, etc.

Plus, you can name AND save that same file name to be exported over and over again with each change.

Sure it's a few clicks, but as you will see in the button tours above, it's only a minute or two to get that custom button that you want.

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