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  1. Accept License Agreement
    Accept and agree to the Licensing Agreement included with the download.

  2. Prerequisite Software
    a. Dreamweaver MX, MX 2004, or version 8
    b. Winzip or Stuffit. If you don't know what these programs are, click here.

  3. Required Knowlege:
    1. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) - Intermediate to Advanced Level
    2. HTML Language and HTML Tables - Intermediate to Advanced Level
    3. Dreamweaver Templates. For more info on templates, goto Dreamweaver: Help. After which do a Search on the word
      templates. Info for newbies: templates allow you to update mulitple pages all at once while keeping the same look and feel.
    4. NOTE: This is NOT a simple "drag and drop menu", hence the use of the word, "templates" in product name. This means you will have to make adjustments to your current web pages if these haven't been converted to templated web pages.

      In other words, if you want the long term, time-saving benefits of nested templates and this menu system, you are going to have to spend the time learning what they are and how to actually use them as this product is NOT one of those quick and dirty solutions.

      * UPDATE - New Beta Product Available for those who don't know CSS that well or at all:
          You can now try out the new Css Color Designer - beta (version 0.5.2) to change the colors in the
          Horizontal and Vertical Tree Menus via point and click.

  4. Press the Download Now button.
    file size 2.5 MB - 15 sec (cable) &  15 min (dial-up)
    To be notified of updates to this product,
    please signup for the newsletter here.
    90 day trial period


    Since you are evaluating this, it's is best to start off with a new website just to see how things work.

    Experienced users of templates should NOT use their own editable region names. All users should use the
    button, 'iR', located on the Common Toolbar (or Command Menu) to add editable regions to their existing templates.
    Thus, please change your editable region name to match the one this program looks for. For more info, click here.

    Save the file to your Desktop and unzip to the Desktop. When you double-click on the .MXP file,
    this .MXP file should be located on the Desktop. Do not install from any other folders as installation
    problems have been known to happen when trying to install from folders other than the Desktop.
  5. Install Software.
    Unzip the file you downloaded. Next, double click on the file with the .mxp extension and the
    Macromedia Extension Manager will walk you through the installation.

    NOTE: There are now two (2) .mxp extensions: _Menu_Hot_SauceJS.mxp and _ColorDesigner.mxp

  6. Watch the Walkthrough Movies
    Please spend just a few minutes on the movies so you know what to do
    as opposed to just clicking around and hoping you can figure out what to do.

    Before you buy another menu system, check out the features that makes our product different than our competitors' menus
            Movie Thumbnail - Click to play movie Overview of Features (time: 6 min)
    note: please temporarily disable your popup
    blocker to see this flash movie.

    Recommended: watch this product details movie, if you haven't already, to get started, step by step.
            Movie Thumbnail - Click to play movie Menu Hot Sauce Tutorial Part I (time: 16 min)
    note: please temporarily disable your popup
    blocker to see this flash movie.

  7. Learn CSS if you don't understand CSS classes, grouping and order of precedence
    Each menu type, horizontal, vertical tree, etc. uses CSS stylesheets that are automatically copied to the root level of your website via Menu Hot Sauce Helper. These CSS stylesheets control the font, color, size, width, position, height, and "whatever you can think of" for the menus and buttons. You should know how to write CSS efficently. If not, please click the link above to learn about it.

    You can also try the new point and click, Color Designer, to change the Css stylesheets for the Horizontal and Vertical Tree Menu. This update is already packaged with Menu Hot Sauce download so you don't have download something extra.

  8. Optional - How to suggest a feature or report a problem.
    To read how to send a screen shot of your problem or suggest a feature via an e-mail to customer support, click here.

    Please send all bug reports, comments, questions, etc. to customer support.
    Your feedback, good or bad, is very important and would be very much appreciated.

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