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Click Click E-Mail Reports
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This product is a set of web pages that allows users to view reports on a web page as well as send the reports by e-mail.
  1. Typical Reporting software is TOO hard to use and install.

  2. Users want something easy and straightforward to work with.

  3. Programmers can get something up and running by copying the files to their web directory and readjusting the SQL statements to match the columns name in their own database. Yes, it's that simple.

  4. The reports can be viewed on the Web before sending the e-mail. Or can just be viewed on the Web for a quick status check.

  5. Since the reports are web based, no software installation is necessary on the user computer. Nor are there any deployment hassles with Windows based programs.

  6. Users can BOOKMARK the web page so they don't have to remember where it's located on their desktop AND they don't have to call Help Desk or Tech Support just to use it.

  7. Reports by e-mail can easily be copied and pasted into the user's program of choice: Excel, PowerPoint, Word.

  8. Since the reports can e-mailed, users can easily keep track of them via their e-mail folders via their favorite e-mail program.
  1. Since the reports are all WEB based, there is no learning or manuals required in order to use it; hence the product is named, "Click, Click.."

  2. All Reports can be easily created and E-Mailed by non-technical personnel.

  3. Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly Reports

  4. Includes Dual ListBoxes for selecting and Reordering Data as well as controlling how much data to include in your E-Mail (i.e. 1000 rows are too much for an e-mail report)

  5. See Details for more info

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